SMA Mini Spectrometer

The Cheapest High Quality USB Spectrometer

Wavelength range from 350nm to more than 950nm !
(standard setting : 350-800nm)

--- for only 170USD ---

No longer spend hundreds of dollars to get your work done or to enjoy your hobbies ... Our SMA spectrometer is here ...

After a year of selling the basic low cost Mini USB Spectrometer, and after lot of requests from our customers to build a more sensitive spectrometer with an optical fiber connector (SMA 905) ... we have the pleasure to present Tafat Spectrometer (SMA Spectrometer).

The actual model has 1800 Pixels and more than 120 times more sensitive than the Mini USB Spectrometer model.

It has a 0.09mm slit in addition to the SMA905 connector. So, both modes are possible, you can use it with our the optical fiber, just orient the slit to the light source, or better, attache the optical fiber and collecte the light. The spectrometer is sold with no optical fiber.

You can also connect the second end of the optical fiber to a collimator.

Thanks to the quality of our instruments and parts, More and more educational and research institutions are using our instruments. This is the best recongnition of the quality and services we provide to our clients. We listen to our partners, and we build "sur mesure" the instrument they want..

Once Plugged, run the FREE Software (There are two free softwares,download the software from the link you will get on the eBay bill) and start acquiring spectra and analyzing light from different light sources.

Actually, we have invested in a research grade spectroscopy software offer for free for the users of our SMA Spectrometer, contact us first.

We share with you some spectra taken with the Optical Fiber spectrometer, you can have an idea about the high sensitivity of the spectrometer by looking at the spectrum obtained of  the computer screen!!!

Also, the new model lets you have the solar spectrom (difuse light, the direct light will saturate the detector) lets you observe the atmospheric absorption lines of O2, H2O ...

Don't forget that you have to callibrate first the spectrometer with a known source, contact us for advices.

The spectrum of telecomand IR diode lets you see that our model works very well also in the IR.

Look at the spectrum of the 532nm laser pointer ... can you see the IR line?

With this USB Spectrometer you can do several experiments, for example:

1- Analyze the light emitted from light sources (see the attached image)

2- Transmission of filters (there is an example of a Clean Line filter and one for a Long Pass filter)

3- Absorbance / Transmittance of substances (oil, colored liquids ...)

4- Calibrate the spectrometer to calculate densities 

This item in an analytical instrument, dedicated mostly for pedagogy and hobbyists (not for research!). Also, please, be aware of the second order features in the 800-1000nm region.

Our team will help you to use it and get the maximum from this scientific beauty

To order, please Contact us or pay directly with Paypal

Technical Data:

Wavelength Range nm

350  - 1000

Ship Type


Chip Dim (pixels)


Chip Dim ()


Diffraction Grating( Lines/mm)


Slit Width (m)

90, 120, 150 or 180

Optical Conector- Optical Fiber SMA 905
POwer Supply USB 2.0


< 3 nm



Operating Systems

Windows, Mac(1)

Dimension (mm)


Weight (gr)


(1) : Please aske first