1. What sort of software do you have?  
There are several software, which is provided along with a purchesed instument
via link to download it. There are three types of softwere: for Mini Spectrometer
is opensourse software, for the all other models we have reasearch grade

2. On wich OS works the software?
The software work on Windows OS. Also, software for Linux OS could be
provided upon request for Mini and SMA models.

3. Where can I find the software?
You can download the software from our website. The link will be provided
along with a purchesed instument via email.

4.What is the difference between the three models: Mini, SMA
and R-Spectrometers?

There are several differences between them: sensitivity, resolution, used software,
noise level.

Mini Spectrometer is a low cost, sensitivity and based on opensourse software unit.
It has a slit (90 um) as an opening to get the light in.

The SMA Spectrometer is 120 times more sensitive than the Mini. It has better
optics and resolution characteristics. It is driven by a research grade software
(free for a noncommercial use). Also, the SMA Spectrometer has a high-quality metallic
slit (100 um). The unit has an SMA connector which allows connect it to an optical fiber
(purchased separatly). The wavelength range goes from 350nm to 850mnm by default.

The R-Spectrometer is a high sensitivity instrument which is built on a Sony ILX522
linear detector, that is more sensitive than the Sony SMOS detector inside the SMA
Spectrometer. The wavelength range of R-Spectrometer is from 390nm to 640nm